Buy or rent art ?


The prices of the art works can be requested in the Gallery or through the request form on the web site. Art bought at Gallery 024 is a great investment that will keep, or even grow in it’s value. At Gallery 024 you can buy art or rent art while simultaneously saving up for the eventual purchase of the art work.

You can buy or rent art. At your own pace and against low monthly rates.

Renting art is possible for companies as well as individuals at Gallery 024.

The renting rate for art works is 3% of the value of the rented collection, monthly. 2/3 of this amount is rent, 1/3 is saved up. All costs are included (for instance: intake, advise, transport and placing), minimal duration is 12 months. All costs are included.
After 12 months, a new work can be chosen if necessary.

You can choose from a large collection and an enormous range of different artist.

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