Bjorn van den Berg

Bjorn van den Berg

Step into the world of Bjorn van den Berg, a creative spirit born in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, in 1979. More than just a designer, he’s the mastermind behind the label BJORN VAN DEN BERG | BVDB, crafting a fascinating journey in fashion.

Bjorn works in his studio and roams fashion hubs like Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, and Los Angeles. In Amsterdam, his office buzzes with avant-garde creations, while Antwerp provides a quiet space for his artistic side.

Who is Bjorn van den Berg? Beyond titles like stylist or art director, he’s a dreamer. His journey began with a love for detail, fashion, and jewelry, evolving into a unique style. It’s not just about creating fashion for Bjorn; it’s about storytelling and leaving a mark.

Starting as an Art Director, Bjorn globetrotted, creating props for shoots, videos, and performances. The label “Bjorn van den Berg” emerged, attracting celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Nicki Minaj, and Dita von Teese.

His passion peaked with two couture collections yearly, showcasing his vision with signature corsets, headpieces, and opulent jewelry. In 2018, he introduced a jewelry line, echoing the elegance of his couture.

Bjorn isn’t just a fashion icon; he’s a boundary-pushing creator. Collaborating with artists and musicians, he weaves different art forms seamlessly. His legacy grows as he continues captivating the fashion world, leaving an indelible mark with each collection.

Bjorn van den Berg is celebrated for creating wearable art, transforming fashion into an extraordinary journey.

Welcome to his world, where fashion becomes a captivating adventure through the extraordinary.

Reflected shadows- Bjorn van den Berg
Surrealism simplicity – Bjorn van den Berg
Capture by surrealism lighting – Bjorn van den Berg
Emotions of surrealism – Bjorn van den Berg
Blue I – Bjorn van den Berg
Surrealistic calm – Bjorn van den Berg